Winter Bridge

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Dawg Days: Bridge offers a winter bridge program at UMBC that strives to provide new students a chance to understand college academics, explore campus resources, engage in self-discovery, and connect to the UMBC and surrounding community. Through this program students will interact with other incoming students as well as campus faculty/staff.

Components of the Program

Academic Coursework & Support Services
  • Students will enroll in a winter course (3-4 credits)
  • Students will participate in mandatory weekly virtual workshops to get connected to UMBC resources and offices
  • Online tutoring sessions will be offered to help students work on papers, study, complete homework, and prepare for exams
  • Online drop-in office hours will be available with Dawg Days: Bridge staff
Academic Transition Course
  • Students should plan to participate in an Introduction to an Honors University Seminar (IHU), a First-Year Seminar (FYS), or a Transfer Seminar (TRS) during their first full semester at UMBC