Goals and Criteria

The Book Selection Committee for the New Student Book seeks nominations of potential books. The New Student Book invites all students new to UMBC in the fall (freshmen and transfer students) to read the selected book and engage in formal and informal discussion of the book at the start of the school year. Any member of the UMBC community may nominate any book via the web or via e-mail containing the same information. More than one nomination may be submitted by the same person.

The following criteria will guide the Book Selection Committee in evaluation of nominations:

  • Goals of the New Student Book include:
    • Welcome new students into the intellectual life of the university
    • Provide an experience common to all incoming students, aiding them in connecting with each other
    • Offer a connection for each student to at least one faculty or staff member, through the welcome week discussions
    • Provide students with an active learning opportunity that relates to the academic expectations of the campus
    • Create an opportunity for critical thinking and ethical engagement
  • Books nominated (and finally selected) should be:
    • Compelling, intellectually stimulating, able to generate interesting discussion
    • Engaging on a variety of levels
    • Appropriate for the developmental level of incoming students
    • Addressing issues meaningful to students of diverse backgrounds, including our international students
    • Something the bookstore can and will obtain and offer at a reasonable price
    • Relatively short; books of fewer than 325 pages have an advantage in the selection process.
    • Not widely required as reading in Maryland public high schools; not a self-help book
    • Not made into a movie recently
    • Widely available in paperback
    • Recognizing that all good texts raise issues, the new book experience does not seek out texts likely to be overtly offensive to a significant portion of the university community.

Forward hard copy submissions to:
Devon Fick
Sherman Hall, Room #114.
Forward e-mail submissions to dfick1@umbc.edu.

Nominations for the current selection is now closed.