TRS Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors

Meet a Mentor:

General Job Responsibilities:

  • Support the goals, expectations, and mission statement of the Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Help students become familiar with university resources; advise and refer residents to appropriate university resources, as the need arises
  • Work with UMBC staff and faculty to create a supportive, inclusive environment for new transfer students
  • Maintain 2 consistent hours of time per week when available to students in the Transfer Seminar course
  • Inform and update the course instructor of any important occurrences and of students with possible concerns
  • Function as a positive role model at all times, including activities that occur on University property and in the local community
  • Prepare and deliver course content in an effective manner as asked by the instructor
  • Identify, support and attend 1-2 extra-curricular opportunities for your TRS class (may include academic, athletic, cultural, SEB, or other campus events)
  • Other responsibilities as discussed with TRS Peer Supervisor or Class Instructor


  • Attend class once per week for 75 minutes for the full 16 weeks of the semester
  • Keep 1-2 hours weekly for meeting with TRS students
  • Meet with the TRS Peer supervisor once every 3 weeks
  • Complete 4 (1 per month) journals chronicling your peer experience


  • $250 book stipend
  • Service Learning transcript notation for completion of PRAC096 (zero credit, pass/fail course)

Contact Info:

Dr. Laila M. Shishineh
Director – First-Year & Transfer Academic Programs | (410) 455-3737