First-Year Seminar (FYS)

Classroom setting with instructor and studentsEach of the courses in the FYS program is unique in its own way, but what is shared is the:

  • small cohort experience. You, along with your faculty member and class participants, study a topic in a dynamic, small-group environment.
  • focus on learning by sharing knowledge and experience through writing, discussions, and presentations…key skills your faculty and employers require.
  • connection with faculty that can only happen in smaller classroom settings. They will get to know you well and can recommend you for all kinds of opportunities.

FYS101 Arts & Humanities (AH)

(three-credit seminars, that meet general education requirements)

  • Truth and Technology
  • EnGENDERing Popular Culture
  • It Came from the `80s: Political, Social, and Cultural Changes of the 1980’s
  • Telling Tales
  • Turning to One Another: Beliefs and Behaviors

FYS102 Social Sciences (SS)

  • Diversity, Ethics and Social Justice in the Context of Schooling

FYS107 Arts & Humanities or Culture (AH or C)

  • Protest Songs of Resistance

How did your First-Year Seminar help you get started at UMBC?

Because of the FYS I…

  • improved my time management
  • met new people
  • became more comfortable asking questions in class
  • learn about academic expectations at UMBC

What was the most helpful part of your FYS?

  • Engaging in group discussions
  • becoming more confident expressing my own opinions, despite controversy
  • practicing abstract thinking
  • meeting peers through small group activities

How has your writing improved during this course?

I am better at…

  • writing correct citations
  • analyzing information
  • outlining my paper being descriptive elaborating my thoughts
  • understanding college writing expectation

"My first year seminar course exposed me to the tools of success for college. It has allowed me to become connected, integrated, and involved in the UMBC community."
~ Kristopher dela Cruz, Financial Economics major