UMBC Community Read

UMBC’s Community Read provides discussions and events that foster intellectually stimulating interactions among all students surrounding the book. The Community Read is a program that allows everyone to come together to examine key issues in our global and local communities. Our working statement of purpose is to:

Create transformative experiences with our UMBC community through the simple act of reading together.

Our working vision includes the following:

  • Fostering student empowerment and determination
  • Creating a foundation for students to build their personal/professional development (notation for any skill building)
  • Removing the sense of distance between the work and the reader; less analysis, more reflection
  • Creating conversations that build community and connections
  • Leveling the field; take away titles
  • Engaging with others; shared learning
  • Establishing a catalyst for changing the wider world; empowering agency
  • Developing intercultural communication skills and connections
  • Building a sustainable program
  • Doing this because we mean it; not performative
  • Keeping the connection to the importance of reading
  • Creating transformative experiences

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