Student Guide Beyond Online Learning

Engaging Beyond the Virtual Classroom A graphic of a printer

Create & Follow A Schedule

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  • For both synchronous and asynchronous classes, create a schedule of when to “attend class”, complete assignments, study each day, etc
  • Check Blackboard and UMBC email regularly to stay up to date

Connect with Instructors & TAs Outside of Class

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  • Go to office hours
  • Set up an appointment if office hours do not work and/or to discuss personal matters

Study Together

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  • Find a friend, classmate, or connect with a group on campus (the Library offers a virtual study space) and set a focused study time to both be online studying
  • Determine online methods students are using to study together in your classes
  • Use these tips and a video on how to form and succeed with online study groups

Stay Connected

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Ask for Help

A graphic of a student asking a question to the instructor via video conferencing.

  • Reach out to an Undergraduate or Graduate Ambassador
  • Schedule time to connect with a friend from class
  • Engage in self-care to keep yourself healthy and de-stressed: Exercise, engage in a hobby, meditate, journal, color…

If you find yourself struggling to engage either inside and/or outside of the classroom, or when it comes to studying on your own, know that UMBC has many great resources to help you! You can, and should, ask for help as early and as often as you need it.

Consider utilizing these campus resources:
Academic Resources | Mental Health Resources | Social Resources | Wellness Resources