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The Center for Women in Technology (CWIT) Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides opportunities for women and their allies majoring in an computing or engineering discipline to bond with other students in the same field and create strong support networks. The LLC promotes academic excellence, peer mentoring, career exploration, leadership opportunities, and social support for students in computing and engineering.

What to expect from the Center for Women in Technology LLC:

  • Collaborative learning environment
  • An engaged community of scholars
  • Academic support and assistance
  • Upper-class peer mentoring
  • Monthly social events and programs
  • Course connections: UNIV101

LLC Location

For more information about CWIT, visit their website or contact Erica D’Eramo at

The Discovery Scholars Living-Learning Community (DS LLC) provides students the opportunity to discover their true academic passions during their first year on campus. Participants will engage with current students, faculty, and staff as they explore a variety of academic majors and career options while also learning how to be a successful student at UMBC. Students with a variety of academic interests, uncertain about their major and/or future goals, or interested in a multidisciplinary approach are especially encouraged to apply.

What to expect from the Discovery Scholars LLC:

  • A strong sense of community and connection to the DS LLC and UMBC through social events, workshops, and coursework.
  • Exploration of majors and career opportunities and in addition service, academic, and research opportunities at UMBC.
  • Participation in a collaborative learning environment with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Advising and support from DS faculty and staff and peer mentorship from former DS LLC participants who live on the floor.
  • Course connection: participate in a 2 credit UNIV course with other members of the floor.

LLC Location

To learn more about Discovery Scholars visit the website or Gavin Gilliland at, or 410-455-1185.

The Honors College Living-Learning Community (LLC) offers first-time first-year Honors College students the chance to continue their collaborative learning experiences in a relaxed residential setting. Students are able to pursue a range of academic and social activities with their peers, and to develop strong friendships through common goals, classes, conversation, and fun.

What to expect from the Honors LLC:

  • A strong sense of community and connection to the Honors College
  • Engagement in academic, service, cultural, and social activities
  • Peer mentoring with advanced Honors College students
  • Advising and support from Honors College faculty and staff
  • Course connections: HONR 100

LLC Location

To learn more about the Honors College visit their website or contact Dr. Julie Oakes at

Students involved in the Humanities Living-Learning Community (LLC) will be part of a community that shares their passion for culture, language, history, philosophy, and literature with other students. They will also be offered a series of cultural and social opportunities on campus, in Baltimore, and in Washington, DC that will broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world.

What to expect from the Humanities LLC:

  • Engage with others who share your interests and passions
  • Participate in active dialogues on a diverse series of topics
  • Attend and participate in Humanities Forums during the academic year
  • Develop connections with other students in the LLC

LLC Location

To learn more about Humanities visit their website or contact Dr. Tim Phin at or 410-455-8087.

The Intercultural Living Exchange (ILE) Living-Learning Community (LLC) is an innovative program that incorporates linguistic and intercultural components while promoting diversity and inclusion, student-faculty interaction, and service/community learning, three vital elements in the fostering of student success at UMBC. The ILE LLC helps students develop the intercultural and linguistic competencies they will need to effectively face the challenges of our global world.

What to expect from the Intercultural Living Exchange LLC:

  • An immersive intercultural and language experience
  • Development of intercultural communication skills and appreciation of diversity
  • Graduate and upper-class peer mentoring
  • Support and advice from program faculty
  • Required courses: MLL 299 (ILE) and MLL 430 (ILE)

LLC Location

To learn more about ILE visit their website or contact Dr. Elisabeth Arevalo-Guerrero at or 410-455-2109.

The Shriver Living Learning Community (LLC) bridges the campus to the community through engaged scholarship. LLC students will explore service and civic engagement through the lens and legacy of Sargent Shriver. Through a one-credit seminar, weekly service, and reflective activities, LLC members build community and increase social change awareness.

What to expect from the Shriver LLC:

  • Connection with students from broad majors and disciplines
  • Explore issues and opportunities related to civic and community engagement and service-learning
  • Engage in weekly service-learning in the Greater Baltimore region
  • Community-building activities that enhance robust leadership development and advocacy
  • Upper-class Peer Mentoring Program supports UMBC transition
  • Development of interest/course teams (Breaking Ground grant awardees)
  • Deeper connection to Shriver Center programs to include Shriver Peace­worker Fellows/Peace Corps Prep, Public Service Scholars, and The Choice Program
  • Course Connections: 096 Community Service & Learning and SOCY 396

LLC Location

To learn more about Shriver visit their website or contact Lori Hardesty at or 410-455-2493.

The STEM Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a collaborative community sponsored by the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. It offers opportunities for students majoring in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines to connect socially and academically with other STEM students at UMBC, through in-hall tutoring and social gatherings.

By being a part of the STEM LLC, students can expect to:

  • Develop intentional connections and relationships among students majoring in STEM
  • Connect with STEM and UMBC faculty and administrators
  • Network with leaders from academe, industry, and government
  • Receive peer mentoring from upper class STEM students

All members of the community will be enrolled in a shared one-credit First-Year Experience course in the fall semester and live in the same community.

LLC Location

To learn more about STEM please visit their website or contact Caitlin Kowalewski at 410-455-8095.

Students involved in the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Living-Learning Community (LLC) will share ideas and learn new skills in a supportive environment of artists. Students partake in trips to performances and discussions, all focused on the arts. Students will also connect with faculty through a connected course.

What to expect from the Visual and Performing Arts LLC:

  • Broadened understanding of art making
  • Learn new skills in a supportive environment of VPA majors and minors
  • Foster greater participation in the arts
  • Off-campus trips to DC, New York City, etc.
  • Course connections: LAS 120H and LAS 121H (only for Linehan Scholars)

LLC Location

To learn more about Visual and Performing Arts visit their website or contact Stephen Bradley at or 410-455-2721.

The Women Involved in Learning and Leadership (WILL+) is a Living-Learning Community (LLC) where students practice leadership skills in a setting that promotes academic excellence and community engagement. Students have the opportunity to meet with renowned speakers and activists, to live with other students committed to diverse gender and social justice issues, and to work with feminist and other social change organizations. WILL+ is open to women and nonbinary students.

What to expect from the Women Involved in Learning and Leadership LLC:

  • Take Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies together as a cohort
  • Engage in leadership development opportunities
  • Plan educational and advocacy programs
  • Attend cultural events and participate in public service projects
  • Cultivate skills for living and working with people from diverse backgrounds and opinions

LLC Location

To learn more about WILL visit their website or contact Dr. Kate Drabinski at or 410-455-6371.

LLC Information For Faculty & Staff

The Living-Learning Communities at UMBC are offered in partnership between the Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) and the Division of Student Affairs (DoSA).

Questions related to the existing LLCs and/or new LLCS can be directed to Dr. Laila M. Shishineh ( from UAA and Dr. John Fox ( from DoSA.